Alternative Commute

Share a ride. Get some exercise. Save time and money.

Alternate Commute
Photo courtesy of Maryland Transit Administration

There are many alternative ways to get to and from your destination, particularly work, that can save you a lot of money and help the environment. Participating in a Rideshare program like a carpool or vanpool will also allow you to meet people who live and work near you. If you want to get some exercise, try biking to your destination. Your employer may even offer a flex schedule that will allow you to telecommute from home. All offer numerous benefits beyond avoiding gridlock.

Rideshare - carpool/vanpool/car sharing

A carpool involves at least one other person. A vanpool typically consists of four (4) to fifteen (15) other people. Riders typically meet at a designated pick-up location, like a park and ride. Both a carpool and vanpool offer numerous advantages, like saving money on gas, car repairs, parking and tolls. Carpool and vanpool users also get to drive in specified High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) lanes on highways in Maryland. Unlike carpooling or vanpooling, which typically use privately owned cars, car sharing uses a fleet of cars owned by a car sharing service provider or collectively by the car sharing users. Reservations for car sharing are typically made via the Internet or by telephone.

If you are interested in carpooling, vanpooling, or other alternative transportation options , contact your local Rideshare coordinator for information.

Agency Phone Numbers
Anne Arundel County 410-269-7443
Baltimore City 410-396-POOL
Baltimore County 410-732-6000
BWI Business Partnership 410-859-1000
Carroll County 410-732-6000
Harford County 1-800-924-TOGO
Howard County 410-313-3130
Montgomery County 301-770-POOL
Prince George's County 410-732-6000
MTA Commuter Assistance (statewide) 1-800-492-3757

Commuters throughout the region can also take advantage of Enterprise RideShare, which offers vanpools through a private company.


Bicycling is a great way to get around, particularly in a city or town. It's healthy and affordable. Many places have special biking lanes or designated bike routes throughout their cities, and more and more bike racks are going up every year. If you have to travel further or by train, a good number of train stops offer bike storage, and most Maryland trains allow fold-up bikes to be carried on board.

Flex Schedules/Telecommuting

The easiest way to save time and money while commuting? Work from home. Many employers offer flex scheduling, which allows you to work a certain number of hours or days from home. Talk to your human resources manager and see what possibilities exist at your workplace.

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