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There are many alternative ways to get to and from your destination, particularly work, that can save you a lot of money and help the environment, like carpooling, bicycling, and teleworking. Read more here →

A comprehensive training program designed to teach people the necessary skills to travel safely and independently on fixed-route public transportation. Travel training programs are usually intended for individuals with disabilities, senior citizens, students, and low-income families. Read more here

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an important civil rights law passed in 1990 that has greatly increased the transportation options for people with disabilities. The law called for improvements to transportation services, including the availability of paratransit service. Read more here →

When riding transit, there are safety and emergency procedures that all passengers should be knowledgeable about to ensure their own safety and that of others before utilizing various transit services. Read more here →


MDTRIP by Center for Mobility Equity creates and maintains data for use by all trip planning applications, such as Google Maps and Apple Maps, but we use and actively promote the Moovit trip planner. Why? They coordinate closely with us and are currently the only trip planner that includes schedules for every transit agency in the state of Maryland. For the full web-app, click here →

Trip planners, analysts, and developers, look no further. Center for Mobility Equity maintains open transit data (schedules, shapes, fares, etc.) in GTFS format for nearly 20 Maryland transit agencies. For legal disclaimer and download links, click here 

(redirects to the CME's maryland-local-gtfs GitHub repo)

Thousands of Marylanders benefit daily from the services that Center for Mobility Equity provides through the TRIP program. From answering travel questions via our call center, to utilizing Maryland bus schedule data within mobile trip planning apps, we're here to help you ride transit throughout Maryland.

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